Growing Up Not Growing Old

This show is a hang, just like when you and your freinds get together and make each other laugh.The funniest people on the planet are the people next to you.Serious talk about life and adulthood also.

March 30th, 2014    

EP 60 : Carl Sits To Pee

Anthony and Sal are back in this continuation of last weeks episode.this week we talk movies like Robocop,Up in smoke and The Warriors. We delve into the world of job site humor.If you want to contribute to the show all donations are taken here: thanks for listening!!

March 22nd, 2014    

EP 59 : Hardcore Origins

In this episode Sal talks about his first experience with NYHC also my brother Anthony talks about Obama and we discuss Spike Lee and hipsters.

March 17th, 2014    

EP 58 : Just Us

Angela returns to the show as we talk about the malaysian missing plane,how i regained my hearing,the walking dead and more

March 9th, 2014    

EP 57 : Here’s to feelin good

This is a continuation of last weeks episode with my friends Rocket, Johnny Nissan and Jason . we talk about vegetarians,summer,a.d.d. assholes,and a lot of other good stuff. Check out my show on iTunes and as well. On Twitter I'm gungopodcast also on instagram at gungopodcast intro by immortal Technique outdo by Murphys law

March 2nd, 2014    

EP 56 : ….And Ill Form The Head

My guests this week are Rocket,Johnny Nissan, and Jason.We all came together under one roof to talk about marriage,Long Island girls,Strip clubs,Costa Rica,Utah,Curling and some other stuff..The ultimate hang!!!


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