Growing Up Not Growing Old

This show is a hang, just like when you and your freinds get together and make each other laugh.The funniest people on the planet are the people next to you.Serious talk about life and adulthood also.

October 16th, 2019    


April 23rd, 2018    

Top 10 Influential w/ Matt The Ratt

Matt the Ratt shows up and breaks down his top 10 influential albums . Check out for some great podcasts

March 14th, 2018    

Work , Music , Sopranos

Ivan is back as we talk about work , punk rock and shows and The Sopranos prequel. get me on social media @gungopodcast

February 5th, 2018    


Stan from Big Papa Podcast jumps on and we talk about plant based diets, meat, PubG and poseur gamers . Big thanks to Stan for coming on and a big thanks to all the listeners , supporters , tshirt rockers and sticker thrower upers. There was a bit of a technical issue the second half of the show that sounds bad at first but hang in there because it gets beter.

December 30th, 2017    

The Last Jedi

I did a quick review of the last jedi and talked real quick about nintendo and coffee. I did a bunch of shouts too.

November 26th, 2017    


I got Skip from Attention Deficit Order Stan from Big Papa Podcast and Matt from on as we talk about meth and addiction

November 26th, 2017    

EP 155 : A spirit touched me

Got Tinman from the B.A.T.S. podcast and chugga on as we talk about movies and ghosts.

September 21st, 2017    

” KIDS “


August 25th, 2017    

Charlottesville and Episode 29

On this episode i talk a little about antifa and the white nationalist thing from virginia, do a couple reviews and re-release episode 29 with guest my good friend Jay as we talk about girls , bullies , stories from our youth and how to pick up older woman. episode is from 2013 .. maybe 2014. Intro is a G-Unit mix and Outro is Brooklyn Murder Club : Legend Killer. Thanks for listening always

July 27th, 2017    

Solo Ramblings and Episode 5

i talk about spiderman homecoming and re release episode five 

outro song 

bold - having my say

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