Growing Up Not Growing Old

This show is a hang, just like when you and your freinds get together and make each other laugh.The funniest people on the planet are the people next to you.Serious talk about life and adulthood also.

February 23rd, 2014    

EP 55 : Talk Like Sex

Miguel AKA Butt Gurgles and James join me on an episode where we discuss bush maintenance,laser disc,squirting and much much more! follow me on twitter @mikerussony and also on instagram @officialmikerussony any thoughts,concerns or ideas E-mail me

February 16th, 2014    

California Love and Lone Survivor

This week we talk about West Coast podcasts and the movie Lone Survivor.Check me out on iTunes and Stitcher radio.



February 9th, 2014    

EP 53 : Jack Shines

On this episode we talk about The new episode of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and The Shining.




February 2nd, 2014    

EP 52 : Deja Vu

The Growing Up Not Growing Old podcast. Real People.Real Talk. Check me out on iTunes, and at E-mail me at mikerussony on twitter.


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