Growing Up Not Growing Old

This show is a hang, just like when you and your freinds get together and make each other laugh.The funniest people on the planet are the people next to you.Serious talk about life and adulthood also.

October 26th, 2013    

EP 36 : HorrorWeen Movie Extravaganza

The Conjuring,Rosemarys baby and Stakeland are movies we watched in celebration of Halloween.Im joined this week by Angela on the HorrorWeen Movie Extravaganza!...ganza... ganza.. ganza.. ganza Check out my show on itunes and at and gun

October 20th, 2013    

EP 35 : Spankin Banksy

Banksy and healthcare are a couple things talked about as my brother Anthony Russo joins me on this episode from Jersey

October 14th, 2013    

GSX : BMX 2 i hope this works

The Gungo extra Series is back!(GSX) this is a portion of the ULTIMATE ROMAN CROSSBEARD episode where me,Jay and his brother Chris talk about BMX in the 80s

October 6th, 2013    

EP33 : The Bitches are Back

i give up the show to the girls this week as angela takes over the show as a host,producer, and editor.unofficially the girl cast 2


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